To meet the ongoing residential needs of adults with autism and related challenges.  To serve as a community resource for people of different abilities and their families by providing diverse social and recreational programming, including but not limited to summer programs, life skills, and vocational training, adaptive sports, support groups and workshops in coordination with other agencies that work with this population.


To develop innovative residential housing where adults with autism and related challenges can live, learn, and grow in a supported, inclusive community with full access to the larger community of Boone and the High Country.  Also to serve as a hub in coordination with other agencies, where all adults with different abilities and their families in the High Country can find support, programming and training to reach their full potential.


To create a dynamic, residential community for adults with autism and related life challenges that emphasizes inclusion with the larger High Country community.

  • To foster quality of life and well-being while providing safety, inclusion into the larger community of Boone and the High Country and continuity of care for residents throughout their lives.

  • To provide a meaningful, satisfying and dignified life with access to opportunities in the larger community of Boone and the High Country whereby full and active participation is achieved.

  • To ensure that residents contribute to all aspects of life to the fullest extent of their desire and ability.

  • To create an opportunity for students in the surrounding colleges and universities to volunteer, intern and work to gain knowledge and skills in working with these exceptional individuals.

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